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This is the 11th year that the Bro Am has been running. Switchfoot knows how to throw an event. By far the biggest surf event, might be the biggest event ever to go down in Encinitas history.

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LAVI Sunglasses Review

Prepare to be noticed if you wear these out and about. I went to go pick up a salad at Trader Joes and had a few people tell me they liked them a lot. They asked, “is that real wood”. I said “yup” and they were impressed. I don’t ever recall strangers telling me they like my sunglasses so I was feeling pretty cool after that.



The first stop of the 2015 AM SLAM brought to you by Sun Diego Board Shops was held at Tamarack. The day was solid with sun, waves a packed beach and stacked heats. What more could you ask for at a surf event. Check out all the photos shot by Toby Ogden Photography.

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On Saturday, May 9, 2015, GROM clothing company held a free GROM PRIX surf series event for GROMS ages 16 and under at Trail Six, San Onofre State Beach. Over a hundred “Grompetitors” vied for top honors, tons of prizes, killer trophies, and bragging rights.

The waves were 2-4 feet and super fun, with sunshine, and good conditions all day. With the GROM VAN in full effect, the beach was buzzing with food, fun, family, and friends.

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Bamboo the skateboarding dog was cruising around the Seaside beach parking lot today with his human friend. Bamboo has such a graceful style. He’s so calm and cool and collective. Where most dogs are spazzing out, Bamboo the dog has that more laid back approach and it makes for a super cool viewing experience.


Warm Waters Showdown RECAP!

Plenty of photos from the day are in for the 2nd annual Warm Waters Showdown that was on Sunday – November 30th at Warm Water Jetties in Carlsbad, CA. The heats were stacked with all your favorite Carlsbad surfers, new schoolers and old schoolers. The weather was a bit crazy with but didnt seem to hold any one back from destroying every wave that came though on this day.

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Its already that time of year people! The annual Warm Waters Showdown. Check out the highlight video by Fatal Clothing from last year. Come down and see the action in person on November 30th, 2014 at Warm Water Jetties in Carlsbad and come back to San Diego Surf Mag after the event to see all the neat pictures we get of the Carlsbad Locals tearing apart waves.

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Final event is upon us for the Revolt Summer Surf Series. Going down at Crystal Pier. This event has attracted some of the best surfers in Southern California and beyond. Action packed heats in the water, givaways on the beach and the PB Fest going on too.. you dont want to miss this!

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Sun Diego Am Slam FINAL EVENT

Sun Diego Board Shops put on another great event to end the season for the #amslam Surf Series. Tamarack provided small consistent yet mushy waves for the competitors to make the best of.